Mac-Guyver: the Macintosh house call
Macintosh and network support at your home or office

Straighten out hardware or software problems. Set the elusive Setting.

Connect to the internet
by phone line or cable modem.

More than one computer?
Share an internet connection, share files, share the printer.
Wired or wireless. Between Macs, or Macs and PCs.

Get more memory or hard disk space, the latest versions of your programs, or Mac OS X.

Old equipment? New equipment?
Get all the right adapters and cables, get it set up, find out how it works.
Move your files to a new hard disk or computer.

Get some friendly tutoring. Answer those nagging questions.

Back up
Keep your files safe.

Who is Mac-Guyver?

Click, and learn.

Contact Mac-Guyver
in Formertown, Massachussetts (near Route 495).

Steve Witham
123 Former Address
Formertown, MA 0248C

email: info @
phone: 978-654-3210